Holiday Q&A with Nicole Sherry

Holiday Q&A with Nicole Sherry

There is no offseason when you're a green thumb groundskeeper, but Baltimore's Nicole Sherry recently took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her favorite parts of the holiday season. Sherry, one of only two female head groundskeepers in the Majors, shared some of her most indelible holiday memories and revealed what's on her winter wish list. What happens to the field at Camden Yards around holiday time?

Sherry: We work on equipment mainly this time of year. It's not good to walk on the grass when it's cold out, plus the grass goes dormant and there's no need to tend to it right now. Are you rooting against a White Christmas for professional reasons? Would snow complicate your job?

Sherry: Personally, I am rooting against a White Christmas because I need to travel home to Delaware. But the grass definitely benefits from a thick layer of snow. It's insulation for the roots. Do any special years of Christmas stand out in your memory? Did you get a pony when you were 12?

Sherry: My cool BMX bike was stolen one year and Santa brought me a 10-speed! Greatest gift ever! I never got a pony, but I got a Matchbox car the year I turned 16. My parents told me they had a huge gift for me, so I of course looked outside for the car. But instead they handed me the smallest box ever and said, 'Don't forget to wear your seatbelt!' Do you have any favorite Christmas movies? Any that you make sure to watch every year?

Sherry: A Christmas Story. Haha. 'Fra-gil-e. Must be Italian!' Gets me every time! How about music? Are you bumping 'The Chipmunks sing Christmas carols' all December?

Sherry: I rock out to the Star Wars Christmas album. Oh, it does exist! When does the holiday season start for you? Are you ready for Christmas right after Thanksgiving?

Sherry: The season starts for me on March 1. Wait -- you meant Christmas? That starts now. I shop last minute. Do you drink eggnog like it's going out of style or make a mean Christmas ham?

Sherry: I am a sweets fan, myself. I love chocolate chip cookies, fudge, pitzels, cheese cake. I could go on and on! It seems as if this time of year is when everyone makes that stuff. PS: Eggnog is gross! Are you ready for baseball again? Have you gotten a good breather over the past three months?

Sherry: Right now I am enjoying this "offseason" so I am not ready for baseball to start just yet. That usually hits around February. I'm taking a vacation, finally, right now! Happy Holidays!

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