Markakis fighting through a rare slump

Markakis fighting through a rare slump

NEW YORK -- It's only a slump if you see it that way. Nick Markakis has been one of the more consistent hitters in baseball this season, but he still finds himself trying to work through a minor rough patch. Markakis went into Wednesday's game on a 2-for-14 skid, a slump that weighs heavily on his mind.

Markakis, who reached base safely in 35 consecutive games at one point this year, said Tuesday that he was trying to get his approach back in order. The right fielder flied out on one pitch in his first at-bat and bounced out to the mound and first base in his next two opportunities, an atypical evening's work.

Afterward, when asked how he approached CC Sabathia, Markakis seemed to be at a loss.

"You're talking to the wrong guy," he said. "Nothing against him, because he pitched great, but I'm just going through one of those funks right now. I'm just trying to figure my swing out, and hopefully it will get better real soon."

Markakis struck out in his first at-bat Wednesday, extending his struggles a little bit further. Still, the right fielder has reached base in 35 of his 39 games played and posted a 17-game hit streak already this season. Markakis sounded confident on Tuesday, if also somewhat surprised at his recent adversity.

"I had my fair share of pitches that I could've driven a little better," he said. "But when you're going through a funk, it makes it that much harder. Tomorrow's another day, so we'll come out and battle again."

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