Mattingly shares mutual admiration with Buck

BALTIMORE -- Before Friday's game, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly spent quite a bit of time discussing his friendship with Orioles skipper Buck Showalter, similar to the way Showalter spoke fondly of Mattingly on Thursday.

"Wow. We go back to [Double-A] Nashville," Mattingly said of the friendship between him and Showalter that began in the minors in 1981. "That's a long time."

While their time as Minor League teammates was short, the pair became friends over time, with Mattingly gaining a great appreciation for Showalter when the latter served as New York Yankees manager.

"The view he had on talent was always good," Mattingly said. "He always knew who could play and who couldn't, and he knew how you were supposed to play. That's what was always kind of impressive with Buck. He knew young talent and how you were supposed to play the game."

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