O's to utilize biomechanical testing again this spring

SARASOTA, Fla. -- For the second consecutive spring, the Orioles will take part in biomechanical analysis testing, with the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) mapping some of the organization's pitchers using wires.

Manager Buck Showalter said some of the pitchers who underwent the testing last year will be retested depending on the results and whether the organization felt they had a good enough baseline already.

"It's good that it's cool, because we had some trouble with the magnets slipping off with the sweat and everything [last spring]," Showalter said. "They are a lot more prepared, organized with it this year. They are going to work out of the auxiliary locker room, and then they just go right to the [covered batting] cages. Should take about 15 minutes."

The Minor League pitchers will undergo the testing -- which was brought in by director of pitching development Rick Peterson -- on Monday, with the big leaguers going the following three days depending on their work day schedule.