Orioles' focus not wavering after Game 1 setback

Orioles' focus not wavering after Game 1 setback

BALTIMORE -- Unlike the Orioles' 69 other losses this year, Sunday's defeat to the Yankees came in the postseason pressure cooker and potentially pushed the club within two games of elimination in the American League Division Series.

But catcher Matt Wieters didn't see the spotlight impact how the team handled the setback. Instead, he saw the same type of focus that allowed the Orioles to avoid a losing streak of longer than two games over the season's final two months.

"It was something to where I haven't experienced a playoff loss before, so you don't really know what to expect when you get back in the clubhouse," Wieters said on Monday. "But no, everybody was -- it's one game, and that's how you had to go into it. It's one game, and we all came back ready to go today with not much of a memory of what happened last night and just ready to get a win today."

Manager Buck Showalter also wasn't about to blow the loss out of proportion, even as he acknowledged the gravity of the situation.

"We've had tough losses a lot this year," he said. "That's the peaks and valleys.

"But obviously the sense of urgency changes a little bit because of the math of the series."