For Stubbs, it's 'refreshing' to start with clean slate

For Stubbs, it's 'refreshing' to start with clean slate

SAN FRANCISCO -- Few Reds were likely happier to reset the statistics for the postseason than center fielder Drew Stubbs, who struggled at the plate much of the season. Stubbs batted .213 with 14 home runs and 40 RBIs this season.

In 47 games since Aug. 6, Stubbs batted .160 with no homers.

"It's refreshing seeing zeros up there for everybody," Stubbs said. "It kind of gives you the sense that it's a new season and a new start. I can forget about everything that's happened to this point and start from scratch.

"I had a few weeks during the season where I felt like things were coming together, but it kind of dismantled shortly after that. I lost the comfort of what it's like to see the ball and make good swings. I fought all year with that and never got my feet under me, where I could consistently have the approach and the at-bats I needed to."

Stubbs, who batted from the eighth spot during the final week of the regular season, could figure prominently on defense in the National League Division Series vs. the Giants -- with Game 1 starting at 9:30 p.m. ET on Saturday on TBS. His speed should be an asset in the spacious AT&T Park outfield.

"I actually enjoy playing here," Stubbs said. "With all of the quirks and nooks and crannies in right field, and the way conditions with the wind are sometimes, I know it can be tough on a right fielder. I try to do my best, not really to shade that way, but be aware of those things and help him out."