The British Invasion comes to 'Bucks on the Pond'

The British Invasion comes to 'Bucks on the Pond'

The British Invasion comes to 'Bucks on the Pond'
You never know who you'll see at Camden Yards this season, as the Orioles' thrilling postseason chase continues to bring new and old fans aboard in the 20th anniversary of Major League Baseball's trendsetting venue.

You might even find five members of the British Royal Navy, wearing their own home whites just for such an occasion.

That's what happens in the 17th episode of the hit new game show "Bucks on the Pond." Watch the video and see how much five fans from the United Kingdom come across the pond to not only see the American League East contenders in action, but also to test their international trivia skills with some baseball and cultural questions mixed in.

The show was taped on Eutaw Street on a Wednesday in June when the Pirates were in town and the Orioles were contending for the division title -- never to fade away, it turns out.

The quintet includes Graham Blick of Portsmouth, England; Tim Anderson of Plymouth, England; Karen McCullough of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Robert Glendinning of England; and Julie Ward of Parkland, Wales.

"Bucks on the Pond" is hosted by Jeremy Brisiel, and you might be a part of it when you least expect it. Fans at the ballpark interact with's studio through the magic of technology in conjunction with game action inside. In creating a new experience for fans, is giving people a chance to earn bucks while they spend bucks at the ballpark.

Contestants are asked a trivia question -- general knowledge and baseball -- on each pitch during a half-inning of baseball. Get the question correct and win money. Get the question wrong and it's a strike. "Three strikes," J.B. tells them, "and unlike cricket, you are out."

The questions' difficulty and value increase with the number of outs in the on-field action: $5 easy questions to start, $10 medium-difficulty questions after one out, $20 hard questions after two outs. If the contestant lasts longer than the team's at-bat, they win the bucks in their bank.

The best part about episode 17 is watching the Brits' conservative manner gradually give way to fist bumps, high fives and five-part harmony as a good day becomes better.

Granted, the odds of answering correctly are improved when you have a quintet working as a team, but their aplomb at handling Orioles historical questions was pretty impressive. They fortunately took the time to read some of the plaques on the walls, it seems.

This is the third episode taped at Camden Yards. The series premiere featured two women who had been Shenandoah University cross-country teammates, one of them a veteran of Orioles games and the other making her maiden ballpark voyage. Episode 7 was a ballpark date.

"Overall, we loved the experience," said Roni Frye, who competed in episode 1 along with Denise Mitchell, "and we think that it was great ... it was a lot of fun and a wonderful way to get another experience at Camden Yards.

"It was seriously one of the coolest things that could have happened on my first trip to an MLB game. We had joked that we should have bought the more expensive tickets since we wouldn't have been out so much money. I think that the show will do well, it was a lot of fun and it was so awesome to start off my first game."

In addition to the Orioles, teams visited so far include the Cubs, White Sox, Yankees, Reds, Red Sox, Astros, Royals and Marlins. Bookmark and be on the lookout for the "Bucks" crew at your ballpark.

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