Day after surgery, Markakis back to support O's

Day after surgery, Markakis back to support O's

BALTIMORE -- A day removed from left thumb surgery, Nick Markakis was back in Baltimore and in the Orioles' clubhouse Wednesday afternoon, with two pins underneath his cast.

"They didn't put a plate in because it was too jacked up in there, too many pieces for them to actually put it back together," Markakis said of the injury that was suffered when he was hit by a pitch from Yankees ace CC Sabathia. "So I have two pins going in through my hand, holding the bones back in place. It's three weeks until I get my pins out and then we go from there."

Injured for the first time in his career earlier this season, Markakis hopes to return in 3-4 weeks, which would only be relevant if the O's reach the postseason. He will be able to start rehab when the pins are removed, and in the meantime will travel with the team and remain a fixture in the Orioles' dugout.

"Nicky's one of the most, in a nice way, miserable DL guys I've ever had," manager Buck Showalter said. "And it will be tough on him, but it will be even tougher on him if he wasn't there. It's great for everybody, because we are kind of feeding off the idea that we are trying to accomplish the playoff picture, so Nick had the potential to return to us. You know, it's a long shot for him to be able to make that physically. But one of the things we learned here is Nick is one of our quicker healers physically."

Markakis joked with Showalter that part of his plan involved drinking a lot of milk to help his bones, and he smiled when the idea of possibly cajoling his manager into letting him pinch-run came up.

"It's going to be tough, but it's going to be fun at the same time," Markakis said of staying around his teammates. "Once you're around guys for eight months, the same guys every day, you bond together and you're here for each other. I'll be with them. It will be just as much as any other day other than not playing. I'll still be in the dugout supporting them and rooting them on."