Camden Yards visionary Smith going to Dodgers

Camden Yards visionary Smith going to Dodgers

Camden Yards visionary Smith going to Dodgers
BALTIMORE -- Baltimore's vice president of planning and development Janet Marie Smith, who was the visionary behind the team's new Spring Training complex and head consultant in building and renovating the famed Oriole Park at Camden Yards, has departed for the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

Smith will serve as the senior vice president of planning and development for Los Angeles, overseeing the upgrades at Dodger Stadium.

"I'm looking forward to working with the new Dodgers ownership to find ways to create an even better fan experience," Smith said in a statement. "Dodger Stadium is a treasured piece of the Los Angeles community and a special place where I watched more than a dozen games per season when I lived in L.A. during the early 1980s.

"It's important to all of us that we restore and enhance the park in a way that honors its heritage and highlights its distinctive appeals, while still capturing what fans want and franchises need in a modern venue."

The announcement came Monday afternoon with a statement from managing partner Peter Angelos.

"The Orioles greatly appreciate Janet Marie Smith's efforts over the past three years, as she has overseen the construction of our widely lauded ballpark in Sarasota and many significant enhancements to Oriole Park at Camden Yards," the statement read. "In Sarasota, the goal was to create a ballpark that the local community and all of our fans would be proud to visit, and after two record-setting springs, this has clearly been achieved.

"At Oriole Park, we asked Janet Marie to enhance the fan experience, honor our history, and revitalize some areas of the ballpark with new, more contemporary concepts. And in this 20th anniversary season, those objectives have resulted in bringing our fans the Roof Deck, Dempsey's and the Orioles Legends sculptures."

Smith was named vice president of planning and development for the Orioles in 2009, marking her second stint with the organization. Prior to that, she served as the Red Sox vice president of planning and development for nine years.

Smith was first with the Orioles as vice president for planning and development from 1989-1994, under Larry Lucchino's leadership. She helped oversee the design of Oriole Park at Camden Yards and was responsible for the stadium's civic image and relationship to surrounding city buildings and area transportation.

Smith is considered a pioneer in bringing urban planning and design into the world of sports.

"Janet Marie was the perfect choice to oversee these projects," Angelos said. "And we wish her the best of luck in her new role with the Dodgers."