O's All-Stars enjoy experience at game

O's All-Stars enjoy experience at game

BALTIMORE -- Adam Jones, Jim Johnson and Matt Wieters all had the same thing to say about what it was like going to the All-Star Game in Kansas City earlier this week -- it was a blast.

Jones and Wieters were both making their second trip while Johnson earned his first. For the Orioles' closer, he had more fun because Wieters caught during the inning he pitched, and Jones also was in the game at the same time.

"It made things easier [with Wieters catching]," Johnson said. "It was cool also to have Jonesy out there in center. All the guys were cool. It was a good time, a good experience."

This was Wieters' second consecutive trip, and he also enjoyed it, saying he felt a little more relaxed and used to things.

"I think every year you go back, you're still going to have a blast," he said.

The Orioles were one of the biggest surprises in the Major Leagues in the first half. Now, they want to be able to stay in contention for a playoff spot.

That's their big goal at the start of the second half.

"Teams have been looking at us like we aren't just a doormat," Jones said. "They know we can play."