Reimold has MRI on herniated disk in spine

Reimold has MRI on herniated disk in spine

ATLANTA -- Results from the MRI Nolan Reimold underwent Thursday to examine his neck showed the herniated disk in his cervical spine has shrunk. But because the outfielder continues to have discomfort in the affected area, manager Buck Showalter said Reimold will visit a neurosurgeon.

Showalter said the Orioles hope to get the neurosurgeon's report Monday.

"It's time to find out what we're dealing with," Showalter said.

Reimold has been on the disabled list since May 4 because of the injury. He hit .313 with a .627 slugging percentage in 67 at-bats before he experienced a tingling feeling in his fingers and was diagnosed with the herniated disk.

Showalter said trainer Richard Bancells said it can sometimes take some time after the bulging in the disk is relieved for a player to return to full strength. Showalter remains hopeful the neurosurgeon will come up with the same explanation as Bancells for Reimold's on-going symptoms.

"Just trying to identify why -- if that disk has shrunk and the pain is gone -- why he's not getting complete strength back," Showalter said.