O's lean toward second injection for Reimold

O's lean toward second injection for Reimold

BALTIMORE -- Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold isn't showing signs of improvement from Friday's epidural injection in his sore neck, and manager Buck Showalter acknowledged on Tuesday that administering a second shot -- which would further delay Reimold's timetable -- is becoming increasingly likely.

"Every day, you are hoping he takes that step," Showalter said of Reimold, who was placed on the disabled list on May 1 with a herniated disc. "I'd be less than forthcoming if I didn't think that the possibility of a second injection isn't a probability."

Reimold, who was put on an anti-inflammatory steroid medication earlier in his recovery, was given the epidural in the hope of speeding up the recovery process. So far, that hasn't been the case, as he's still dealing with some tingling in his left thumb and discomfort in the left forearm/shoulder area, which is very weak.

While the team hasn't made an official decision on a second epidural, it's hard to imagine a scenario that would involve Reimold, who last played on April 30, returning from the DL before June.

"It's pretty slow," Reimold said of his recovery. "So, it's pretty frustrating just sitting around. And I don't know if there's some magic cure where I wake up and feel better or if it's going to be slow and gradual, where I feel better every day. ... I was hoping with the shot I would just wake up and it'd be gone. But that hasn't been the case."

"There's a progression you have to do where he just doesn't walk in here and feels great and heads to [Double-A] Bowie," Showalter said. "That's not going to happen. There's some in between here."