Showalter greatly values versatility

Showalter greatly values versatility

BALTIMORE -- Orioles manager Buck Showalter reiterated before Sunday's game how important this team's versatility is to him.

Showalter said the Orioles have more parts available to him. That's why he's been shifting people all over the place on a more regular basis.

In addition to moving Mark Reynolds to first, Chris Davis started at designated hitter on Sunday, and Wilson Betemit started at third. Ryan Flaherty also has played second, third and right in this homestand. Ronny Paulino has caught, and Endy Chavez filled in for Nolan Reimold while he was out with neck spasms.

"I want to get as many people involved in playing, because we're going to need them all year long," Showalter said. "We're going to be consistent with that."

Showalter also said he doesn't want players to be sitting for several days and then playing for a day and possibly struggling. He's looking for players to get on the field, possibly for a few days in a row to get in the flow, like Flaherty did in this homestand.

"We're going to be consistent with that," Showalter said. "So when something does happen ... you better be equipped to move people around and have them be able to play multiple positions and not have a let down."