Johnson misses series opener with Jays

Johnson misses series opener with Jays

BALTIMORE -- Closer Jim Johnson missed Tuesday's series-opening victory over the Blue Jays after spending Monday and Tuesday night in a local hospital.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter said Tuesday that Johnson's been bothered by some kind of flu or virus. Showalter said Johnson appeared to be feeling a little better Monday, battling the flu-like symptoms, which had bothered several players on the recent 10-game road trip. But it got worse at night, and Johnson went to the hospital and stayed overnight.

"When something viral starts, it runs all through the team," Showalter said. "The team was pretty much, with very few exceptions, pretty sick the last three games in Anaheim, and Jimmy was in the hospital last night."

Showalter hadn't yet seen Johnson when the Orioles were starting batting practice Tuesday. They were waiting on some reports to see if it was flu, food poisoning or something else.

"Last I spoke to [trainer] Richie [Bancells], updating me in fourth inning, nothing's really changed," Showalter said after the game. "They were waiting back on the bacterial reports so they could find the right way to attack it. I know what the doctor said about time frame at the shortest, but I think he's talking about in his experience, but not maybe with Jim Johnson, so we'll see where the days take us. But I think Jimmy's in jeopardy tomorrow."

Pedro Strop recorded his first career save in Johnson's absence, allowing a walk in a scoreless ninth inning.