Roberts travels with Orioles to Toronto

Roberts travels with Orioles to Toronto

Roberts travels with Orioles to Toronto
BALTIMORE -- Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts traveled with the team to Toronto for the start of a 10-game road trip as the 34-year-old continues to progress from a concussion and reacclimate to a Major League lifestyle.

Roberts was in noticeably good spirits on Friday, speaking with the media at length and joking around in the dugout before partaking in pregame batting practice. He also did some speed work and lifting and will continue to watch more of the Orioles' games from the dugout, where manager Buck Showalter said he has become "like another coach."

Asked if he was excited to be in Toronto, Roberts said, "Yeah, of course. Coming off the last year where I had to sit down there and be isolated and not really be part of the team ... this is what I'm supposed to be doing still -- playing baseball and traveling and being part of the team."

The plan right now is for Roberts to go with the team from Toronto to Chicago, but it's still undecided if he will finish the trip in Anaheim. With a day game on Sunday, the team is only on the West Coast for two full days, and Roberts said it might not be worth it in terms of him getting his work in.

"I talked to Buck a little bit about it, but we really haven't made a commitment to whether I should just go back to Baltimore and get my work in there or stay on the trip," Roberts said. "It won't necessarily be because something's wrong or not wrong. It will just be a decision on what's the best way to get my work in."

Roberts also took some early batting practice, and he said he will try to get most of his work done early so he doesn't get in the way of the 25 Orioles getting ready for the game. He remains in daily contact with his doctors and admitted Friday he got a little too excited in watching the Orioles' Opening Day weekend, staying in the dugout for seven consecutive innings on Saturday.

"That was probably a little ambitious," Roberts said with a grin. "So I probably didn't go out much on Sunday [to watch]. And then I started back again on Monday."