Andino downplays postgame dispute

Andino downplays postgame dispute

Andino downplays postgame dispute
BALTIMORE -- Robert Andino shrugged off the events that immediately followed the final out of Monday night's 6-2 loss to the Yankees, in which New York catcher Russell Martin exchanged words with the Baltimore second baseman.

Martin suspected Andino of relaying or signaling pitch locations as a baserunner during the ninth inning. Andino said before Tuesday's game that it was all just a misunderstanding and the accusations were not true.

"I know I don't play like that," Andino said. "But it's all good. There's nothing going on."

Andino also said he wasn't worried about any kind of carry-over to Tuesday's game.

"I don't know," Andino said. "If something happens, something happens. but I don't think anything's going to happen, though."

Yankees manager Joe Girardi also shrugged off the incident after Monday's game, telling reporters that "boys were being boys."

Andino was clearly trying to downplay the incident when talking with reporters on Tuesday. He said he's not making a big deal about it.

And if he happens to get hit by a pitch, then Andino will keep things simple.

"I'll just go to first," Andino said.