Reynolds doesn't start Sunday's game

Reynolds doesn't start Sunday's game

Reynolds doesn't start Sunday's game
BALTIMORE -- Mark Reynolds was not in the Orioles' starting lineup
on Sunday afternoon, a night removed from fouling a ball off his left calf in Baltimore's 8-2 win over the Minnesota Twins.

"I'm well enough to play," Reynolds said when asked if he would be available to pinch-hit. "No, [it's not bothering me]. I'm fine."

Reynolds didn't have any wrap or ice on the area on Sunday morning. He said he didn't have an X-ray taken, but had a pretty good bruise. Manager Buck Showalter echoed Reynolds' statement that he could have played, but chose to err on the side of caution instead.

"With the DH being able to move around, we've got some interchangeable parts," said Showalter, who penciled in Wilson Betemit at third base. "It's more about getting everybody on the field the first three days. Nick [Johnson] played first base last night. I think it's important from my experience that everybody gets on the field somewhere and gets in that mix, especially before we go on the road. It has the potential to be a strength of ours that we have a lot of interchangeable parts."

Reynolds, who dropped 20 pounds this winter in hopes of improving his mobility and defensive play, struggled in the field on Saturday and was charged with his first error. He also struggled to come up with a slow roller and hasn't looked as good at third base as he did earlier this spring.

"Mark's worked really hard all spring with DeMarlo [Hale] and Bobby Dickerson and [Mike] Bordick," Showalter said of Reynolds, who was frequently out taking early work this spring. "The guys that frustrate you are the guys who don't care. Mark wants to be a contributor on both sides of the ball, so that's encouraging."