Chen, Millar, Hernandez to star in TWIB

Chen, Millar, Hernandez to star in TWIB

BALTIMORE -- Several members of the Orioles will be front-and-center in the next edition of "This Week in Baseball," which will air Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET on FOX. Baltimore's Bruce Chen, Kevin Millar and Ramon Hernandez are all involved in the venerable program, and Millar said he enjoyed playing a part in the production.

"You've got to love that," he said Thursday. "I watched it as a kid, all the way through. I miss it a little bit more now, because we play, but it's still a great show. And Mel Allen's voice is going to be around a long time."

Allen, one of the most famous baseball broadcasters, was involved in "This Week in Baseball" for a long time. And his signature call -- "How 'bout that?" -- still graces the program, with one of the weekly highlight segments named in his honor. Brandon Routh, the star of the upcoming "Superman Returns" movie, will also be involved in this week's program.

This week's show will also feature two segments that center on the Orioles. One of them compares shortstop Miguel Tejada to former Baltimore icon Cal Ripken, and the other examines some of the team's clubhouse characters. Some of the players also wore a microphone down on the field, lending the viewer a sense of everyday life on the diamond.

Millar said he's not sure what he did that will make the cut, but he's looking forward to finding out.

"I don't think I wore a wire during a game. Maybe during batting practice," he said. "You never know what they catch, so I'll be interested to see what's on there. I haven't seen any of it yet, but I'm hoping that when it comes out, I'll get a copy."

"This Week in Baseball" airs during the week on New England Sports Network and on several Comcast Sportsnet affiliates. Also, it's aired internationally in Australia, Canada, Japan and several Caribbean countries.

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