Samuel wants a stabilized, set lineup

Samuel wants a stabilized, set lineup

BALTIMORE -- The Orioles' offense, stagnant for much of this season, is hoping for improvement now there's a new manager.

The O's have scored just eight runs in their past seven games and only 14 during the nine-game losing streak. In addition, they have scored three runs or fewer in 35 of their 55 games.

Baltimore's .244 batting average ties the club with Seattle and Cleveland for next-to-last in the American League, and it's been one of the team's surprising problems so far.

Interim manager Juan Samuel wants to get a lineup that's more stable so that players can know what the team is going to want when they take the field each day.

"Understanding each guy's role, that's why I would like to have a set lineup ... so these guys [can] hit from one spot and know what we expect from that spot," Samuel said. --Jeff Seidel