Millwood returns to Texas for first time

Millwood returns to Texas for first time

ARLINGTON -- Kevin Millwood made his first return to Texas since being traded by the Rangers to the Orioles in December. He finds a Rangers team that is in first place in the American League West, while the Orioles started Wednesday 14 games under .500.

Millwood offered up no bitterness to the deal that sent him to Baltimore for reliever Chris Ray.

"What can you do?" Millwood said. "They made a decision, it's part of the game and you have to deal with it. I'm getting the ball every day. The Orioles are giving me a chance to compete."

Millwood is having a typical season as far as innings pitched, averaging close to seven innings per outing. Millwood's ERA is a respectable 3.65, but he has an 0-4 record through nine starts.

"He's the best 0-4 pitcher in baseball," Orioles manager Dave Trembley said.

"I'm throwing the ball well," Millwood said. "I'm staying out there a while. At least I'm eating up some innings."

Millwood said he is spending his nights at his condo in Irving, Texas, while the Orioles are in Texas, but that he plans to sell it this winter. He still stays in touch with some of his former Rangers teammates, including pitchers Scott Feldman, Matt Harrison and Tommy Hunter.