Frustration led to Jones' show of emotion

Frustration led to Jones' show of emotion

BALTIMORE -- Orioles outfielder Adam Jones acknowledges that he's frustrated by his lack of success at the plate, an admission that helps to explain an uncharacteristic display of negative emotion in Monday night's loss to Kansas City.

With the tying run on first base and the Orioles trailing the Royals by a run in the eighth inning, Jones bounced into an inning-ending, around-the-horn double play. When he crossed first base, Jones took off his helmet and threw it at his feet in disgust, only to have it sail down the right-field line. He retrieved the helmet, delaying his between-innings jog to center field.

"It is frustrating," Jones said Tuesday. "I wouldn't have thrown it if I wasn't [frustrated]."

Privately, Jones later clarified that he had not winged his helmet down the line. Instead, because of the wet field, it bounced at his feet and skidded away.

Jones is hitting .245, about 20 points lower than his career average. Because the Orioles are without the injured Brian Roberts, Jones has moved around the batting order, hitting first, second, fifth, sixth and seventh at different times this season.

"It's tough," Jones said. "You just got to work out of it."

Manager Dave Trembley isn't worried about Jones and wasn't ready before Tuesday's game against the Royals to criticize the outburst from a 24-year-old who has emerged as one of the Orioles' leaders. For now, Trembley will excuse the incident as an out-of-character reaction.

"I think it's an emotional game," Trembley said. "People that are very passionate about what they do, I don't have a problem with it."

Jones was just happy that there's another game right away, an opportunity to put past failures behind him and move on to hopefully better results.

"You play football, you've got a full week to think about it," Jones said. "We've got 24 hours to think about it. So yesterday's game is gone."